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JMC Appliance Disposer RepairOver time disposals can also break or need a full replacement as well. As with any household appliance they are used often and we are grateful to have them! Disposal blades can become worn and need replacement and lines to and from the disposal can need repair after years of use. JMC Appliance will fix any brand disposal regardless of the size, commercial or residential! It is important for your disposal to operate properly so that the lines run clean, with this being said disposal maintenance is also necessary. Call JMC today if your unit has not been functioning properly, or not functioning at all. As with all appliances that we service JMC will come out and give you an honest opinion of whether the repair will be more expensive than an entirely new system. 

Many times people do not take in regards that not everything can be put down the disposal. Do not put grease, oil, paper, glass, coffee grounds, stalks from such foods as celery, corn husks, animal bones, or too many potato peels at once, also NO drain cleaner! These items and more can cause your disposal to shut down and can lead to major plumbing problems as well. If an object has fallen into the disposal call JMC to remove the object, this can lead to unwanted emergencies, call a professional! 

Contact JMC Appliance Repair LLC today for more information on repairing your disposal or for help choosing and also installing a new one! 


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